Bio continued 

So, how was it possible for me to get into a cult? Many people ask me. For many years I looked at my self as a victim. "Other people did this to me", I said to myself. The last years I see, more and more, that I was responsible for getting into the cult. I had not been respecting myself enough and I had let people dominate me. I did that. The way back to feeling more and more good again, is  about learning how I can dominate my life. And not let other tell me what to do. I have learned a lot, even if I got many challenges in my life.


About 20 years after I joined the cult I started playing the piano again and composing my own music. I bought my first instrument, a grand piano.  The music was still alive inside of me. It never died. It is all about changing focus and move into love, forgiveness and feeling good.


In 2013 I made several stage talkshow about the years in the cult and the way back to a good life. They were fully booked and a big success. The Norwegian State TV channel NRK, made a 30 minutes documentary and about my life in the cult and the way back.


Since I bought the grand piano a lot happened in my life. In 2015 I joined Periscope, a live streaming service owned by Twitter. It got more than 20 million users. The feedback on my piano compositions was amazing! Almost every night I did a piano concert from my grand piano at my home. I got more and more followers and viewers from all over the world, including Asia and Japan. Today I got 11,000,000 “likes” and thousands of followers and viewers. And I got thousands of followers on my Facebook music page: "Jon Harald" (Click here to go there), where I have played a lot of live mini-concerts with amazing feedback from around the world. 


The Norwegian State TV channel NRK made a report on the national news about my playing on Periscope. Nobody had done something like this in Norway before, with such a success.


I get many e-mails or response on social media from all over the world. People feel touched by my music. Men never crying start crying. They feel a release in their life. People who lost close family or friends get comfort. People feeling depressed and anxiety gets motivation. Children that cant sleep fall asleep. Dogs that are stressed get calm. People already feeling good feel even better.


In 2016 I released my first album, called “Still Playing”. I was proud to present a album with my own compositions. The feedback from the fans was amazing. And so was the feedback from the national and regional TV, Radio and Newspapers in Norway. My album was even presented on the worldwide Brazilian TV with about 4 million viewers.